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All the visitors entering to Bhutan requires to booked their travel through a Bhutanese tour operator like us and we will help you to obtain visa clearance before coming to Bhutan. Your actual via will be stamp on your passport on arrival at Paro, thus you must carry the visa clearance letter along with you every time. But for getting visa clearance from the government, you have to wire the full payment.

For the Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals, they didn't require to obtain visa clearance and not necessary for them to book travel via a tour operator. They can receive a visa on entry, however we strongly recommended that coming through us will make your holiday worth and exiting than traveling yourself alone. In the case of Indian nationals a passport or voters card are acceptable on entry.

Arranging your travel to Bhutan is not as difficult as you think. Once you get in contact with us, we will advised you to produce necessary documents to process your visas and your travel can be arranged within few days together with your flights ticket, hotels, guides, transport and other logistics. We will do everything for you ! In incase of cancelation; your payment made will be refunded after deducting the bank charges and other service charges. But the visitors have to let us know immediately as and when they decide to cancel their tour.


We will apply for the visa on getting all the passport details from you, which will be required at least 6 weeks to enable to process the visa. The actual visa will only be stamped on arrival in Bhutan. It is mandatory to get the visa clearance before departing for Bhutan which has to be shown at the concerned overseas Druk Air stations. For the visa application process, you will have to send your passport details (scan copy of your passport in JPG format) OR download Visa Application Form and you can mail us duly filled visa form to or

Please make sure in YOUR EMAIL that you indicate all the details correctly

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Cultural Tours

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Trekking Tours

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