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Bhutan is a beautiful Buddhist Kingdom which is situated between Tibet in the north and India in the South. It is a unique destination for visitors to explore ancient and historical temples and monasteries, real Buddhist culture and philosophy, flora and fauna, trekking and mountaineering. It is the most adventurous destination in terms of bio-diversity, untouched by modernization and provides stunning views of the Himalayas. A trip to Bhutan is considered a once in a lifetime experience. We welcome you to explore this fascinating and mysterious land.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We have so many ways to make your trip to Bhutan and to give you the best memory of Bhutan.

Following are the destinations in three regions of Bhutan

1. Western Bhutan

2. Central Bhutan

3. Eastern Bhutan

Tour Packages offered by Bhutan Flying Bird Tours and Travels

Cultural Tours »

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours in Bhutan open up a plethora of cultural diversities as most districts have its own cultural setting. It provides wonderful opportunity for those interested in [-]

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Festival Tours »

Festival Tours

Festivals in Bhutan are usually rollicking affairs and have reputation for being robustiously joyful and colorful affairs. Our festival tours shares our unique country with th [-]

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Trekking Tours »

Trekking Tours

Trekking in Bhutan allows the traveler to get off the beaten track and on to the wondrous Bhutanese landscapes. About 80% of the landscape in Bhutan is covered by forests and [-]

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Other Tours »

Other Tours

Apart from Cultural Tours, Festival Tours and Trekking Tours we also offer following tours of your interest. [-]

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Western Bhutan

The western circuit comprises of the six western Districts in the coun [-]

Central Bhutan

Central Bhutan is an exciting destination for all visitors. It include [-]

Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan is one of the least explored regions of the kingdom and [-]